Me and Philip

Me and Philip
Love of My Life

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's Been Awhile

Well, I am sorry to say we have been so busy with what you call LIFE!! The boys are back in school and it is going great, Dylan and Ryan are playing football! Dylan #11 and Ryan #3! They are 2 great ball players let me tell you! Then Ryan #6 and Nathan #1 are playing Baseball. So with all that we are so busy we cant even THINK!

Ryan rode a steer the other night he rode for 6.34seconds, he was amazing! The only thing is I think he may be ADDICTED now! Lord help me!

At work we are planning our 9th Annual National Conference, I am going this year to Las Vegas and I get to bring my hubby along! I cant wait! We are flying out on October 14th and will return on October 18th! A little vacation as well as I WORK during the day! We are all doing great just BUSY BUSY BUSY!