Me and Philip

Me and Philip
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Friday, April 2, 2010

Track Meet and Baseball Games

Yesterday the Davis JH went to Velma for a track meet. The wind was so crazy that it made it very hard for the kids to run and do there events. Dylan came home with winds burnt cheeks and lips. However he did get some sun on the neck and arms they were pretty red last night and then this morning it had already turned brown! (Sure wish that was the way it was for me)

Dylan placed 2nd in the 400 meter that was pretty good considering he was the only white boy in that event or I guess in his heat. He placed 3rd in the 100 meter. He did really good. He is a pretty fast boy it just takes him a little bit to get going. He is not good at sprints, he likes the long stuff. He was scheduled to run in a 400 and 1 mile relay but due to one of the runners becoming very ill and not able to run they didnt do those event. (Get Well Peyton) After Dylan was finished with his events Coach Summer (Baseball) brought him back to Davis with him.

So at 345 they were off to 2 baseball games in Sulphur. We didnt play that well, but considering the boys had just finished running all day we didnt do to bad. We won one and lost won! We couldnt get anything going in our favor it was terrible. You could see the look of tiredness on all there faces. Dylan did finally get a pretty good hit and made lots of outs. Pretty busy day for the boy he crashed as soon as we got home and he got a shower.
Here is a pic of Dylan fighting the wind!

I am not sure why they are so blurry when I upload them to here they arent blurry in my folder.

Everyone have a Happy Easter and let's remember what Easter is all JESUS!!!