Me and Philip

Me and Philip
Love of My Life

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Sick Bug

Oh Goodness i am so ready for Winter to go away. Enough Sickness is Enough. Ryan had to miss all last week due to the flu, boy guy, he had the H1N1 back in November and was so so sick. I think we ended up at the dr like 4 times. Finally he started feeling better. That was scary. Then I ended up with it, and because I have acute asthma in my older years I was hospitalized it was horrible. Between the both of us being sick I missed 3 weeks of work! Ouch!!, However Thank Goodness for Great Employers! So we get over that and I be dang if Ryan dont end up with what they call the Flu A last week. Granny and Papaw Bryant came to stay with us last week so that Philip and I could work. Thanks so much. So they leave Friday afternoon, Ryan is still got this horrible cough but is doing so much better. Sunday about 3pm Philip starts running fever Oh NO, he runs fever all night. We get up Monday morning, and he is still feeling horrible, I get the boys around for school, and Philip goes to the Dr. you know he is sick if he is not working, bless his heart! They say he has this Viral crap and gives him so medicine. The boys get home yesterday and Ryan is off to bed jeans and all, he was worn out. But this morning he seemed to be better. So off to school he went.

So I am sitting here at work, not feeling so good myself. I sure hope that I am not getting sick, I am blaming my feelings on I AM SO TIRED! I sure hope that is all this is. I dont have time to be sick! So please say a quick prayer for the Bryant home we are so done with sickness!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Update on the Bryant Boys

First I want to say SORRY I have not been on here in awhile. I will try to do better!!

They have all been doing really good, just playing sports! It seems like that is all we do! They finished football with a Bang and then Basketball was a great success as well. Nathan is finishing up his basketball season. Dylan has started Baseball practice last week, he is so tired when he gets home from practice he eats dinner, showers and homework and Text. If he are lucky we get to visit with him a little before he says I am going to bed Goodnight! Ryan and Nathan will be starting Baseball probably in a couple weeks full force, however Nathan will be starting this Sunday if the weather is good!

They are growing so fast! I sure miss those hugs and kisses for No reason! Although I still get my hugs and kisses on the cheek now. They are very good about that!

I will try to get some pics posted once I figure this thing out, just figured out a background! I am learning! Until next time everyone stay warm as they say we are suppose to get some more snow tonight!

With Love
The Bryant Home