Me and Philip

Me and Philip
Love of My Life

Friday, April 2, 2010

Track Meet and Baseball Games

Yesterday the Davis JH went to Velma for a track meet. The wind was so crazy that it made it very hard for the kids to run and do there events. Dylan came home with winds burnt cheeks and lips. However he did get some sun on the neck and arms they were pretty red last night and then this morning it had already turned brown! (Sure wish that was the way it was for me)

Dylan placed 2nd in the 400 meter that was pretty good considering he was the only white boy in that event or I guess in his heat. He placed 3rd in the 100 meter. He did really good. He is a pretty fast boy it just takes him a little bit to get going. He is not good at sprints, he likes the long stuff. He was scheduled to run in a 400 and 1 mile relay but due to one of the runners becoming very ill and not able to run they didnt do those event. (Get Well Peyton) After Dylan was finished with his events Coach Summer (Baseball) brought him back to Davis with him.

So at 345 they were off to 2 baseball games in Sulphur. We didnt play that well, but considering the boys had just finished running all day we didnt do to bad. We won one and lost won! We couldnt get anything going in our favor it was terrible. You could see the look of tiredness on all there faces. Dylan did finally get a pretty good hit and made lots of outs. Pretty busy day for the boy he crashed as soon as we got home and he got a shower.
Here is a pic of Dylan fighting the wind!

I am not sure why they are so blurry when I upload them to here they arent blurry in my folder.

Everyone have a Happy Easter and let's remember what Easter is all JESUS!!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Baseball Game

Just a few pictures of Dylan at Last Nights Game against Sulphur. They play again Thursday.

Dylan plays 1st base and he is very good at it. He will stretch and stretch but 99.9% of the time he makes the out at 1st.

Ready to throw that ball

There he goes, look at him! I am very proud of him!

He hit the ball right over 3rd baseman into the hole. He got a double out of it and a 2RBI. Cant you tell I am very proud. I will try to get some more pics up, but these were my favorite ones out of this game.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Baseball Life

Well it is that time of year 2010 Baseball Season is up and going full force. The Davis Wolves are doing so good. Dylan has play about 12 games so far and has a 10-12 record. He is playing 1st base in the A game and then in the B game he plays 3rd, pitcher and catcher. He has a really rough week this week games on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday plus a track meet on Thursday as well. Boy guy! But he loves it!!

Ryan and Nathan are playing baseball as well, they have there first baseball tournament this weekend in Del City. They are getting practice in about 3 times a week. So I am hoping that they do well at the tournament.

Everyone enjoy Easter Weekend!!!!

Love the Bryants

Friday, March 26, 2010

Thank you Jesus

Sorry I have not been blogging there has been so much going on that I have just had NO TIME!!
On March 14 which is the 2nd Sunday and every 2nd Sunday we gather at my grandma's to have lunch. Lots of time the Bryant Family doesnt get to go, because of the boys schedules, but this time we went! Thank you Jesus!!! Had a really great time with Grandma and I have a Great Uncle and Aunt that are very dear to. They are 83 years old and STILL WORK EVERYDAY! They are just a sweet couple.

Uncle Avon and Aunt Joyce! He is my grandma's brother. The only sibling that is still alive. They are so precious. They live in the city and on there way home they had a really bad wreck on I40. Single car accident, but it was very scary. I got the call and off I went. They were transported to Henryetta hospital, and boy was I so ever glad when they were Medi Flighted out of there to OU Trauma Center. FYI- DO NOT GO TO HENRYETTA HOSPITAL!!! So we get to OU and they are just a mangled mess bless there heart. Uncle had to be sewn up on his arm, chest and chin he ended up with Hip surgery, has 10 broken ribs and 10 tiny punctures in his lungs, so off to ICU he goes, Aunt has broken her knee, R elbow and ulna and radius and broke her L hand. So she has multiple surgeries. I stay up there at the hospital with them all of Spring Break. It was so scary, but they are doing better and are now at Rehab. Although they still have a long road to recovery. My mom and Aunt Mary are staying with them the whole duration. So please say a prayer for them. Grandma comes up to the city and stays awhile then she has to go home and get some rest. She loves her brother and sister!

Then on Monday the 22nd mom calls me and tells me that Dad has had a wreck in Stigler, but he is okay. I call dad and he is fine. Thank you Jesus! Bless his heart, he found out he had a aunt in the hospital and was going to go see her. The report that was told was she was on a ventilator, but seem to be getting better. He went and seen her that night and Tuesday the 23rd got a phone call that she had Passed Away. It has really been a stressful 2 weeks around here and I will be so glad when it is OVER and everything gets back normal.

On a side note: Dylan had 4 baseball games this week and they won! Ryan and Nathan have been busy as well with Pitching Practice this week and tonight they have regular practice! I think I am going to try to just clean house and relax a bit this weekend if that is possible. I will try to get some pictures of Baseball pictures up soon!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Our 15th Wedding Anniversary

Happy 15th Wedding Anniversay to Us!!!

Wow, I have such an amazing husband he loves me unconditionally, and always very supportive with what I am doing. Woke up yesterday to "Honey Happy Anniversary I love you so much you have given me the best 15 years ever" He is always saying sweet things like that. Of course, we both had to work yesterday, next year we are taking off work the day! I got to work and about 1030 had the most amazing flower arrangement sent to me and of course it was from the hubby! The card said "Happy Anniversary, this has been the best 15 years, Love your Man" We have been through so much together and that had even brought us closer to each other. I would not ask for anything different with my hubby, he works and supports us and always willing to help me with the house and cook.. Honey you are the GREATEST!!!!!
We are going to go out this Saturday to celebrate our 15th anniversary. I dont know what is planned all i know for sure is I couldnt make any plans for Saturday evening.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Pretty Lazy Weekend

Not to much going on at the Bryant House this weekend, Philip had to work Saturday so me and boys just laid around. Well except for Ryan he was off with Chasa they had a pretty busy Saturday. Nathan had a Basketball game at 2 so around 130 we left the house and watch Nathan game. They won by 9 points. They played some awesome ball. Poor Nathan has been dealing with a ingrown toenail and so he was in a lot of pain, but that didnt stop him playing. After the game we just went home and I took a nap, this sinus stuff is horrible. Saturday evening we ran to Ardmore to the GNC store, we had to get Dylan some muscle milk. He has set a goal that by football he wants to have gained 25lbs. I know you think that is alot but he is real skinny and tall so he can afford to put on some MUSCLE weight. Sunday was again pretty much a slow day, I had to take Nathan over to the 24 hour clinic and get him some antibotic for his infection in his toe they told us that they are going to have to take it out, so they are scheduling us with a foot doctor. OH BOY!! He is not real happy about this at all. Once we got back from there we laid down and took a nap at about 430 we left and went to the gym to workout. Then it was time to gome home and do the nightly things that we do. Eat, Shower, and watch some Family TV.....

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Sick Bug

Oh Goodness i am so ready for Winter to go away. Enough Sickness is Enough. Ryan had to miss all last week due to the flu, boy guy, he had the H1N1 back in November and was so so sick. I think we ended up at the dr like 4 times. Finally he started feeling better. That was scary. Then I ended up with it, and because I have acute asthma in my older years I was hospitalized it was horrible. Between the both of us being sick I missed 3 weeks of work! Ouch!!, However Thank Goodness for Great Employers! So we get over that and I be dang if Ryan dont end up with what they call the Flu A last week. Granny and Papaw Bryant came to stay with us last week so that Philip and I could work. Thanks so much. So they leave Friday afternoon, Ryan is still got this horrible cough but is doing so much better. Sunday about 3pm Philip starts running fever Oh NO, he runs fever all night. We get up Monday morning, and he is still feeling horrible, I get the boys around for school, and Philip goes to the Dr. you know he is sick if he is not working, bless his heart! They say he has this Viral crap and gives him so medicine. The boys get home yesterday and Ryan is off to bed jeans and all, he was worn out. But this morning he seemed to be better. So off to school he went.

So I am sitting here at work, not feeling so good myself. I sure hope that I am not getting sick, I am blaming my feelings on I AM SO TIRED! I sure hope that is all this is. I dont have time to be sick! So please say a quick prayer for the Bryant home we are so done with sickness!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Update on the Bryant Boys

First I want to say SORRY I have not been on here in awhile. I will try to do better!!

They have all been doing really good, just playing sports! It seems like that is all we do! They finished football with a Bang and then Basketball was a great success as well. Nathan is finishing up his basketball season. Dylan has started Baseball practice last week, he is so tired when he gets home from practice he eats dinner, showers and homework and Text. If he are lucky we get to visit with him a little before he says I am going to bed Goodnight! Ryan and Nathan will be starting Baseball probably in a couple weeks full force, however Nathan will be starting this Sunday if the weather is good!

They are growing so fast! I sure miss those hugs and kisses for No reason! Although I still get my hugs and kisses on the cheek now. They are very good about that!

I will try to get some pics posted once I figure this thing out, just figured out a background! I am learning! Until next time everyone stay warm as they say we are suppose to get some more snow tonight!

With Love
The Bryant Home