Me and Philip

Me and Philip
Love of My Life

Monday, March 1, 2010

Pretty Lazy Weekend

Not to much going on at the Bryant House this weekend, Philip had to work Saturday so me and boys just laid around. Well except for Ryan he was off with Chasa they had a pretty busy Saturday. Nathan had a Basketball game at 2 so around 130 we left the house and watch Nathan game. They won by 9 points. They played some awesome ball. Poor Nathan has been dealing with a ingrown toenail and so he was in a lot of pain, but that didnt stop him playing. After the game we just went home and I took a nap, this sinus stuff is horrible. Saturday evening we ran to Ardmore to the GNC store, we had to get Dylan some muscle milk. He has set a goal that by football he wants to have gained 25lbs. I know you think that is alot but he is real skinny and tall so he can afford to put on some MUSCLE weight. Sunday was again pretty much a slow day, I had to take Nathan over to the 24 hour clinic and get him some antibotic for his infection in his toe they told us that they are going to have to take it out, so they are scheduling us with a foot doctor. OH BOY!! He is not real happy about this at all. Once we got back from there we laid down and took a nap at about 430 we left and went to the gym to workout. Then it was time to gome home and do the nightly things that we do. Eat, Shower, and watch some Family TV.....

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