Me and Philip

Me and Philip
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Friday, March 26, 2010

Thank you Jesus

Sorry I have not been blogging there has been so much going on that I have just had NO TIME!!
On March 14 which is the 2nd Sunday and every 2nd Sunday we gather at my grandma's to have lunch. Lots of time the Bryant Family doesnt get to go, because of the boys schedules, but this time we went! Thank you Jesus!!! Had a really great time with Grandma and I have a Great Uncle and Aunt that are very dear to. They are 83 years old and STILL WORK EVERYDAY! They are just a sweet couple.

Uncle Avon and Aunt Joyce! He is my grandma's brother. The only sibling that is still alive. They are so precious. They live in the city and on there way home they had a really bad wreck on I40. Single car accident, but it was very scary. I got the call and off I went. They were transported to Henryetta hospital, and boy was I so ever glad when they were Medi Flighted out of there to OU Trauma Center. FYI- DO NOT GO TO HENRYETTA HOSPITAL!!! So we get to OU and they are just a mangled mess bless there heart. Uncle had to be sewn up on his arm, chest and chin he ended up with Hip surgery, has 10 broken ribs and 10 tiny punctures in his lungs, so off to ICU he goes, Aunt has broken her knee, R elbow and ulna and radius and broke her L hand. So she has multiple surgeries. I stay up there at the hospital with them all of Spring Break. It was so scary, but they are doing better and are now at Rehab. Although they still have a long road to recovery. My mom and Aunt Mary are staying with them the whole duration. So please say a prayer for them. Grandma comes up to the city and stays awhile then she has to go home and get some rest. She loves her brother and sister!

Then on Monday the 22nd mom calls me and tells me that Dad has had a wreck in Stigler, but he is okay. I call dad and he is fine. Thank you Jesus! Bless his heart, he found out he had a aunt in the hospital and was going to go see her. The report that was told was she was on a ventilator, but seem to be getting better. He went and seen her that night and Tuesday the 23rd got a phone call that she had Passed Away. It has really been a stressful 2 weeks around here and I will be so glad when it is OVER and everything gets back normal.

On a side note: Dylan had 4 baseball games this week and they won! Ryan and Nathan have been busy as well with Pitching Practice this week and tonight they have regular practice! I think I am going to try to just clean house and relax a bit this weekend if that is possible. I will try to get some pictures of Baseball pictures up soon!

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