Me and Philip

Me and Philip
Love of My Life

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hump Day

Today is Wednesday known as Hump Day! Last night we had a pretty busy night, Ryan practiced until almost 8 o'clock! I had to get home and start supper thank goodness Stir Fry was on the menu, As I was cooking and doing laundry Philip set with Nathan as read his reader, he sounded so big reading, out of the 30 page story he missed only 2 words he is growing up so fast. It almost had his daddy in tears that he could read so well. Well by the time dinner was done they were done reading so we set at the table and enjoyed our dinner, but most of all I enjoyed listening to how there day went at school, I am telling they have some stories! After the stories and eating me and Nathan went to my bedroom and I helped him with his spelling he only missed 2 words but the stinker got all his bonus words right! He is amazing!! After wrapping up spelling words he looks at me and says (mom I am tired can I go to bed) so daddy put little man in bed I went in about 15 minutes later and he was sound to sleep! Ryan and Dylan set up watching some show with daddy while I was cleaned the kitchen up about that time it was 10 oclock time for Ryan and Dylan to go to bed, they think they are to big to be tucked in so it is give us hugs and goodnight they put themselves into bed! SO SAD!!
By this time I am thinking man I am tired, so off to the shower I go! Philip had the bed ready for me as I got out he is such a sweet man! Dreamland here I went!

But before I went to sleep I got a text from my most Favorite Cousin Jennifer so we texted for about 30 minutes our lives are so busy we only get to talk when it is late! But i enjoyed hearing what was going on in her live the past week. CRAZY STUFF!!! well better get off and go to work!!

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