Me and Philip

Me and Philip
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Monday, August 10, 2009

WoW What a Weekend!

Wow, I say, what a weekend it was. We went to the rodeo Friday night, had a good time. Ryan rode all over the place! Me and Chasa would just laugh at him it was cute! Then Saturday we get ready for Nathan's baseball practice, we attend that in the hot heat! He is getting pretty good at crow hopping! Baseball players and softballers know all about that! After practice we ran to the Big Oklahoma City, we went to Uncle Avons store got Ryan all decked out for school! I will have to post pics later date. It was so crazy people everywhere! We had a good time just very exhausted when we got home. Ryan went back to the rodeo with a friend, we just sit around the house under covers and ate some pizza and watched some CMT Singing Bee and Can you Duet! Well Sunday was a very much needeed restful day. We just layed around and did much of nothing, although we did get Ryan's horse in the pasture close to us now so we are having to drive 30 minutes to the ranch! Praise the Lord!!

Today started there first day of school! They are were in really good moods today! We will see how it goes. Ryan has football practice tonight! Will chat later!!

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