Me and Philip

Me and Philip
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Monday, August 24, 2009

Wow Where Did the Weekend Go!

Oh my the weekend flew by way to fast, I think we need a extra day seems like it is here and back to work on Monday comes way to fast. Anyways we had a great weekend!

Friday night- well I got off at 5 then I ran to Ada, I have not been feeling all that great so I thought I better go get checked out did not want to be hospitalized for another Kidney/Bladder infection, all turns out okay! So left there ran to Walmart to get the groceries for the week- remind me to never go to Ada on a Friday night to many college kids on top of high school kids out and about! I was a nervous wreck by the time I got out of Ada. Got home to find out Ryan spent the night with his best friend Jordan! The other boys were sound asleep I couldnt believe it. So I put groceries up and laid down on the couch and was asleep shortly after.

Saturday- Nathan had ball practice at 1030 I stayed home and got the house cleaned up and did laundry. It was nice to get it all cleaned up and the peace and quiet! The boys got home about 100 and I decided I would go get a pedicure, well they were to BUSY so I decided I would just go get my hair cut and boy did I ever cut about 9 inches off. It looks so healthy and alive now I really like it. That evening Nathan had a cookout with his ball team so the parents could discuss the plans for Fall ball and Next Spring. It was really a nice evening in the park. The boys all had a great time!

Sunday- well well I slept till 1030 can you believe it! I woke up and decided I wanted to go to moms, so we called her and had her bake Nathan a birthday cake. Dad cooked Hamburgers and Hot dogs, I got so see my Neice and Nephew they are growing up so fast. Jodi was down it was nice to see her for a change. (there were no fighting) I couldnt believe it, but I really had a great time, Got to love on mom for awhile, the trip was very well needed. I am good to go for a little while just not for long. Hopefully I will see her in a week or so. The boys start there busy ball schedule this week. Well that was our weekend!!!

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