Me and Philip

Me and Philip
Love of My Life

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh Boy Another Day

Oh My where to start I am missing my momma terrible, she is my bestest friend as well. There are days that sometimes you just want to cry all day and I guess today is one of them. Dont ask me why I couldnt tell you, I just want to see my momma!! Right now it seems like she is so far away and it seems impossible to see her. I guess that is what happens when the school begins and it drains your bank account. IT IS TERRIBLE!! Philip (Jerry) just kept comforting me last night cause I just cried cause I am missing my mom. Hopefully it wont be long till I can see her.

I get so upset because my sister just walks all over her and then come to think about it she doesnt even call to check on her, then here I am wishing I could see her everyday! What is up with that? One day she will regret not having a relationship with her mom, she is missing out on so much fun let me tell you!! I love you mom so much!

Last night was not that great of a night, I had a terrible headache, so I didnt do much at all after dinner, Dylan went to Youth night they had a Back to School Bash, they had a great time!
Ryan was a little lost he didnt have football practice last night, but he did get to mess with his horse alot. Nathan had to do homework, he did really good, then it was off to play! Well got lots to do so i better go.

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