Me and Philip

Me and Philip
Love of My Life

Friday, August 7, 2009

Last Weekend Before School Starts

Well this is the last weekend before school starts back, I was really wanting to go back home for the weekend, but Philip (Jerry) is off this weekend and he just wants to rest, which I dont blame him but dang I wanted to go see family!! Just to let the family know I still love them!!

I guess we will start the weekend off to a bang, Ryan is riding in a rodeo tonight at Sulphur, lord help me!! So he is spending his afternoon getting ready for tonight, Dylan has his best friend over Braden (adopted son) they had a blast last night wrestling I got lots of pics. Nathan he is just hanging out, he is always up to something.

Saturday I have got to finish school shopping yuck, (only good thing is it is tax free weekend) I guess we will be traveling to Oklahoma City to uncle Avons to get Ryan some boots, he only likes to get them there! Spoiled kids I know!! I guess we will do this when Nathan gets done with baseball practice, yeah I know I said Philip wanted to do nothing but rest, sure dont look like much rest does it? LOL! As soon as we are finished with Saturdays business then it is off to Enjoying the rest of the weekend, NOTHING JUST RESTING!!

I am going to enjoy the boys and Philip in a home atomsphere. We all need it Philip has been working so much that we havent be able to just sit down and visit. That is a crying shame!

So lets remember all the kiddos that are going back to school, that means speed demons watch for the kiddos that are walking to and from school!!!

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