Me and Philip

Me and Philip
Love of My Life

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Today I am feeling much better, Monday I ended up with a stomach virses and boy did it kick my butt. I am back at work today thank god!! The boys are getting ready to start school on Monday, Ryan officially starts Football and Dylan had a closed door meeting yesterday for his football. He says they start Tuesday! I am telling you they are growing up so fast.

Ryan went yesterday with Chasa (girlfriend) they went with her grandma (Trish) to Springer picked up 3 more horses. Well, Ryan got another one for himself, I am telling you he is the horse man! This morning before I came to work they met me and picked him up so they could go work the horses today. Right up his allie!! He called his Nana last night and told her this was the best day of his life, he got another horse, Copper will be the name! Well I better get busy and get things done being out of the office yesterday I have lots of work to do today!

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